Circuit Theory Reference

Circuit Theory Reference 1.0

Electronic study-aid to electric circuit theory

Electric Circuit Theory covers an introduction section and a wide range of topics that includes:


This part covers Classification of networks, Lumped Circuit Elements along with Nullators and Norators

Ohm's Law

This will help you to refresh Ohm's Law

Kirchoff's Laws

This topic includes Kirchoff's Voltage Law and Kirchoff's Current Law

Network Theorems

Numerous Theorems that includes Superposition Theorem, Thevenins Theorem, Norton's Theorem, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem, Reciprocity Theorem, Millmans Theorem and Compensation Theorem are covered under this topic

Network Equations

Node-Mesh Transformation, Source Transformation and Mutual Inductance are included under this topic


This topic includes Series Resonance and Parallel Resonance

This reference tool will make your Electric Circuit Theory concepts easier than never before.

Circuit Theory Reference


Circuit Theory Reference 1.0

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